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" It was all so fun. The capes, the powers, the colors. Even the villains, as dangerous and larger-than-life as they seemed, were mostly harmless. The heroes always stepped in to protect people at the right time and the villains were never truly out to hurt anyone at all. It was a Golden Age.

Then came The Crisis."

"Alone After the Crisis" is a Solo-Tabletop Journal-adjacent RPG based on "Alone Among the Stars" by Takuma Okada and created for the Beyond the Super" Game Jame

You play a True Believer , someone in search of the "echoes" left behind by the heroes of the world, who vanished after THE CRISIS. From neighboring cities to gorilla cities, you're trying to collect, catalog, and share these echoes. Magic rings, floating fortresses, giant pet octopi, everything under the Sun. All for the purpose of giving communities an extra edge to stand tall against these new "villains" in suits and ties. All while exploring new places, remembering these missing heroes, and meeting the people who miss them. 


Hi, my name is Chris. This is my first attempt at anything like this. I think it's a fun game if you enjoy making up new places, new people, and the emergent narratives that arise as you link your ideas! Feel free to share some fun bits from your journal entries, message me about any concerns you have with the game, or just say hi!

I'm definitely gonna keep coming back to it even after I hit 0.1.0 and onward cause truth be told, this was made in like...3 or 4 days? (I found out about the Beyond the Super Jam ULTRA LATE and went through like two other game concepts before this one. 

Once again, I wanna link you to TAKUMA OKADA (@takuma_okada_), the wonderful creator of the system used for this game and all around great game creator, go play their stuff: https://noroadhome.itch.io/

As well as a special shout out to: B. EVERETT DUTTON (@frogappreciator) who is quickly becoming one of my favorite game creators. If you don't quite enjoy my take on the "Alone Among the Stars" style, at least go play their take, "Alone Among the Derelicts" and check out the rest of their stuff: https://frogappreciator.itch.io/

Anyway, thank you for looking at my game, reading through this game page that is WAY TOO LONG for a three page game and have a super day!


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hey i got a chance to sit down and give this game a go, and i love it! "post-superhero age" is an incredibly unique premise i haven't seen anywhere else, and exploring ruins/finding lost artifacts is always intriguing to me, so this is a wonderful mixture. 

i came into this knowing you'd like some feedback but honestly everything about this game is fun, creative, and evocative, so i'm afraid i don't have any constructive criticism. the only feedback i've got is that i can't wait to see what other games you make !

an excerpt from my personal favorite encounter: a pewter necklace charm that once belonged to doctor dagon, arch-witch, practitioner of black magic. thankfully undisturbed, to be handled with care and tucked away carefully in my old high school backpack. it must have been ripped from her neck while she scrapped with a villain above the penn avenue bridge.


Thank you so much, I'm glad you've had a fun time playing!

And I love that encounter! I had a big concern about giving people enough to work with in terms of locations etc, but I kinda hoped letting people describe the overall city, region, etc they're in would balance that out.

Anyway, thank you again for checking it out!